So she does….

1st day of the year! Here I am with a blog not even having a blogging plan! Its been 6 years since I’ve wanted to blog ( and also have a youtube channel, however… thats another story!) I never believed I could keep up with a blog and I’m still not sure I can!

I have never been a “new year resolutions” person, I’ve always just slid trough the years with my usual mindset and the casual holiday wishes. Nothing more! I’ve always been more oriented on goals! Thus, I’m giving more focus to my goals this year!

However, I strongly think this blog will be more about conversations with myself and the course of my mind. (Dont think Ill share this blog with anybody just yet…)

My goal is to have a blog entry every day this year. I just want to document my 2018 journey as I decided to be a little more Bold that I already am and allow my free spirit to simply BE!

Yes BE! It will be about anything I feel like talking about in the moment. Just like my mind jumps from a subject to another, and from a language to another! It will probably be the same here!So ill go from a picture, a poem, a prayer, a rant, a long blog post, a sentence, ect…

On this note, may 2018 witness the achievements of some of my heart desires!

For this new year I hope to choose God, love, kindness, serenity, peace, harmony, silence, and myself more than usual!

Anpil Lanmou,


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