These little things that steal our joy…

These little things that steal our joy… this morning while letting my mind run free it came to my mind that a lot of small details often ruin my mood, piss me off and steal my Joy. I also find this to happen to many ppl around me. And I asked myself why?

Sometimes “little things” are things not done my way, but most of the time they are things people do or say that hurt my feelings…

So I’ve went through my day not thinking much about the subject until about an hour ago when my mood just shifted because of an answer provided by my bestfriend.

Phone rings and a nickname shows up on the screen in front of me (not the first time that nickname shows up and this has been bothering me for the past 2 weeks). Bestfriend usually hate nicknames and have ppls full name on phone (Including mine!) so it’s super weird to me. And Bestfriend justify the nickname saved on phone saying ” its easier to remember than the real name”!

That , ladies and gentlemen is the answer that ruined my mood completely and got me as pissed as I am right now. It does not make any sense! I am furious! What kind of stupid/ non sense answer is that!

I am not denying my feelings towards that persons shadow being present too much lately. It is my right to feel as I do. I have the right to suspect this person’s presence is not that innocent, the right to feel threaten, the right to feel this person is bad business, the right to feel jealous, the right to feel my bestfriend is hiding something from me. I have the rigth to all my feelings (and i learned to always trust my intuition! So im sure Something is shady and The truth will come to me in a way or another!)

However, my problem is why do I allow it to piss me off to this point. Why couldn’t I let it go? Why did I allow all type of negative thoughts to go through my mind? Why am I so angry?

As Im writing this blog entry I am realizing the actions made by people you trust and love often make you or break you. But to what extent? Should you expect only good from these people? Should you allow their actions decide of your mood just like a light switch button? Should you give them that much importance in your life? As in more importance than your wellbeing and peace of mind? What expectations should you have from your close ones ( bestfriend, spouse, siblings, cousins, ect)?

Im probably not going to find the answer with my actual mood. However I know lI’m making a big deal out of this for no reason because right now I can physically feel my anger and thats not right!

I think Letting go of unnecessary stuff, not fighting vain battles should be one of my 2018 goals… I dont like feeling this way…

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