The things you like

Being an adult sucks sometimes! Yes it sucks! It sucks in a lot of areas but im talking mainly about your hobbies!

As a Kid, my parents were the guardians of my hobbies. I Loved to Dance and attended a dance school for 13 years before going away for college. My parents always made sure I get there on time, I had all i needed for my classes and Also that I still loved dancing. And because I did they did everything so I can keep on dancing.

When I went away for college they still insisted I look for a dance studio. That was not hard at all because time one of my old dance teachers make it her mission for me to attend her classes and join her dance company because she did not want me to lose it!

That was amazing!

However since I’ve been on my own, properly Adulting, I dont find time for the things I like such as Dance, yoga, books, sports and crafts! I tried to keep up with one of these activities and failed in 2017.

So I made it a goal to attend Yoga classes on a regular basis in 2018. With my lifestyle I found Yoga more suiting/soothing lately. So today was my 1st day back at Yoga Classes! And let me tell you that if felt amazing. Of course I am completely out of shape but the way my body was flowing with the class was amazing… it’s like my body remembered every move and every position…muscle memory is impressive

After the class it was as if I was capable of doing anything, like I had endless possibilities! And it fell great!

This made me realize we should always create time for the things we like, the little things that make us who we are. This will harmonize our lives and bring a fresh breath to our hectic days! But mostly this will make us Happy! And thats the ultimate goal!

To doing more activities we love!

Anpil lanmou,


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