I thirst for you

I thirst for your presence God;

I thirst for you.

I thirst for you more In my darkness , my pain, my needs, my heartbreaks, my misery but I also thirst for you in my joy s hand happiness.

You said if I only ask you with faith, your grace will touch all my needs.

Help me to have more faith.

I tend to run from you when I fall, I’m ashamed and sad.

I’m afraid to come back to you although you already know my sins and already forgive me.

I know you have infinite mercy and it’s only a lack of faith that draws me away from you.

Please help me stay close.

Help me trust you completely not partially. Even when I can’t seem to see your actions in my life, even when I think you are not answering my prayers;

help me believe in your presence, your mercy and your will.

Father please draw me close to you, increase my faith and stay with me.

Renew me emotionally and spiritually.

For I am nothing without you and your love.

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