Sensuality in music

I love music, I love music that I’m able to relate to. I love music that I can feel in the core of my soul, in my bones. I’m also very sensual and emotional. So when a song talk to me on all these levels combined I’m extatic!

Emeline Michel, The best Haitian female singer of all time, is the author of almost all the songs that make me feel this way. Her songs are in Creole, my first language, the language of my soul….

I have such strong emotional attachment to those songs… I can go months without listening to them and then boom they pop up in my head. Ever since sunday they are all i’ve been listening to…they bring back so many good memories, and give life to so many dreams… the type of memories and dreams you can’t talk about… so dear to you and personal that you’re scared they’ll fly away if you talk about them….

Those who speak creole and music can relate….


Nonm – Emeline Michel

Flanm- Emeline Michel

Mwen bezwenw

Pa gen manti nan sa – Emeline Michel

Youn ti mo

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