Find your tribe!

Friendship is very valuable to me. I do not take it lightly. Just like a love relationship it requires patience, understanding, tolerance, good will and lots of love.

I do not have a lot of friends. I can count them all on my fingers. We’ve been together for over 15 years if not more. They Are main part of my life, they are family.

Yes my friends are family. We are not blood related but our relationship is the one of a very close family. We love, fight and cry together. We value loyalty,Honesty, trust, and respect. Our bond is so strong that we are adopted in each other’s family. We share it all. And I’m more than Grateful that I can experience the true meaning of Friendship.

Not everyone get to experience such friendship in life. I’ve seen people do some nasty stuff their so called friends. Go behind their back to get a business deal; let them take the blame for something they should have done; talk bad about them for social approval; befriend someone who did their friends wrong for financial advantages; lie about their personal life; flirt with their spouse, ect.

When things like that happen I’m never surprised as I believe a person’s general behavior tells you what type of person they are. I give a lot of importance to the vibes i get from people and to my intuition. And I have never been wrong trusting them. Your Inner self tells you when someone is a bad deal. Thats why we should always listen to our body and feelings when it comes to feelings of discomfort and uneasyness.

This doesnt mean you will know exactly who someone is. People often wear a mask that they only remove when they feel threatened. So having someone you thought was a friend disapoint and hurt you its something that will happen. You will not be able to avoid it. But dont dwell on it and move on. Some relationships are not meant to last. They are just lessons. I’ve been through one friendship disapointement and it only made me more grateful and aware of the good friends I have. I’m also more obervant of behaviors. Im more cautious and protective of myself.

Off course this is not a invitation to become obsessed and doubt everyone’s actions. Its just my way of saying we should be more alert when we share our energy with people and trust them.

We might be adults and able to do whatever we want. However it is our duty to protect ourselves from the negative. It’s not because we run in the same circle we have to be friends. Everybody is not meant to be friends with everybody. A good friend to me can be a bad friend to you.

So just find your tribe and love them hard! You’ll never regret!

Ak Anpil Lanmou,


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