Have you ever wonder….

Have you ever wondered what life could have been if you had made different choices?

Different degree, different jobs, different friends?

What if you had answered to a question differently? If you had responded to that text instead of ignoring it? If you had dressed differently on a particular day? If you were born into a different family? If you had been in a relationship with that other person?

These past 8 days have been an ” I wonder what if ….” week. I’ve been asking myself so many questions about alternative facts and events in my life…

I asked myself the question once and my mind started spiraling into this labyrinth of “what ifs”.I expected this be fun, and it was! But it was also challenging: I did not expect a simple thought to be so draining … it brought me back to some memories I fought to forget, some bad decisions and painful ones.

This chain of thoughts mostly left me troubled, with mixed feelings regarding some choices I made because they were the easy ones at the time and I did not know I would have to carry their weight in my heart for so long…

Buy At some point today I decided to stop because I was driving myself into a sad negative state that was not necessary.

I stepped out , took a breath of fresh air, looked around me and just felt good! Suddently it hit to me: I am exacly where Im supposed to be!

All my past decisions and experiences had to take place for me to become the person I am today! If I had not went through them I could not have been sitting and thinking about them at that exact moment! Thus, I can’t be living asking myself What if!

Life is not a straight road, people come and go to meet again at one point and become inseparable! Mistakes are made and everyday we wake up with life giving us a chance to start again!

So being grateful and living my best life everyday should be my way to go. I will never know how it could have been and its also not my business to know! Because each “what if” takes life away from the moment i’m living…

Like my Aunt loves to say:

2 jours a vivre, 3eme nan pou mouri! ( you have 2 days to live, the 3rd is to die)

Qui vivra verra! Qui mourra K*!

Ak Anpil lanmou


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