When you don’t get what you want….

How to be Happy when someone got something you’ve been praying for years? How can you not be envious? How can you not hate? How can you not be sad? Jealous? Hurt? How can you continue to go on and trust the journey? How can you congratulate this person without looking sad and disappointed?

I’m pretty sure many of us have had this moments in our lives when someone else got something we wanted. Something we prayed, cried, hoped for for years. Seing someone rejoicing for that particular thing might Have hurt a little or hurt a lot. We might have felt bad about it…

While I’m not going to say these feelings are bad and wrong.I’m a strong believer that there is no bad feelings, we have to accept our feelings for what they are and let them be feelings. The problem is what we do about these feelings. Do we choose to hate or to love? To be kind or be rude?

For many reasons, but mostly because I wanna become a better person everyday I always try to choose love over hate. And when someone I know get something I want I genuinely get happy for them and congratulate them. Even when it hurts a little, i find that being Happy for the greatness in other people’s lives prepare us better to welcome greatness in our own lives.

What is for us will come to us. God’s timing is never wrong! Never….

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