How do you beat your wife?

How do you decide to beat your wife?

How did your mind proceed to take this decision?

How did you feel when beating her?

Last night you beat her. Again, she told me. In front of your kids. You hit her with the pillow first, then you took your hands to her neck. You also punched her. You wrestle her. How was that?

Isn’t she the love of your life? The one you choose to spend the rest of your life with? Your wife? The mother of your child?

Was it fun to hear her scream while your daughter was crying and your boys screaming? Did you enjoy yourself in that turmoil? Did you feel like a Man in control?

And why did you call me this morning? You thought she called me didn’t you? You never call me so it must be that? How come you were not strong enough to ask me if I knew what you did last nigth? You should have been comfortable asking me just like you were comfortable putting your hands on her. Dont you think so?

You disgust me, I’m ashamed of having you as a friend.

I’m happy she doesnt find excuses to your behavior. She is strong. She is getting there. I just hope you dont kill her before she leaves your ass. That is all i hope!

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