Natural Medicines

If you know me, you know I always catch whatever virus that’s in the air. Thus, my visits to the doctor’s office are frequent! And I’m starting to hate it!

Why? Because It’s tiring, time consuming and expensive! But mostly because I feel that ingesting all this chemicals all the time can’t be a good thing for my system. My intuition tells me to look into herbs so I just do! And so far I don’t regret it!

In Haitian culture, it is very common to drink tea when you are sick. There is an herb for everything! I used to hate that tradition, but for the past 6 months I have been researching and falling in love with traditional medicine. Many medicines are made out of plant extract, so why not use the plant directly?

The internet is a great ressource for finding herbal medicines and their properties. However make sure you check with your doctor when taking them( disclaimer!). Me personnally I don’t check with my doctors, nope! I check with my elders, my former nanny, my housekeeper, people whom I trust and I know have used herbal medicines their whole lives! I then research the information they provided me with on the internet and in a book called les plantes et les legumes d’Haiti qui guerissent , this book is my herbs Bible and there are 3 of them!

So far my favorite herbs are peppermint, Melisse, Sage, parsley, thyme, chamomille and red raspberry leaf. Some of them I use for PMS, my periods, cold and headaches.

But my all time favorite ( and is not an herb) is Maskriti (haitian castor oil) a plant based oil with all type of medical properties! Maskriti is used for everything in Haiti, migraines, muscular pain, cold, flu, ovulation, hair growth, acne, ect. My latest discovery about Maskriti is castor oil packs for detox!

Yep! You can detox your liver and lymphatic system, you can help your uterus shed all the period tissues and clots, you can heal muscle pain with a sample Maskriti pack! You just need real castor oil, a cotton fabric big enough to cover your belly, and a hot water bottle! Saturate the fabric with the oil put it on the area you wish to cure and put the hot water bottle on top of the fabric. Lay down for 45mns to an hour and relax.

*It’s reccomended to use it 3 days in a row and take a 3 days break. Also do not use it during your period as you might bleed too much.

I’ve had very good experience with herbal medicines. I used to carry Ibuprophen with me all the time. Now I dont even have Ibuprophen at home! Does that mean I will never take ant medicine ever again? Of course not! But it means I’ll always look at my natural alternatives first! God created the plants for a purpose, so why not use them for this purpose!

Anpil Lanmou pou nou!


image: pinterest


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