You can’t be a side piece…

Hey sis,

I want better for you. I really do. I’m tired of going through the same emotional healing with you every danm time. Your decisions to always be the other girl is ruining you and hurting us your sisters too. You were not created to be a side piece!

What is it about those unavailable men that attracts you? Is it the “unavailability” or your competitive spirit? What is it about you that make you thirst for unavailable men?

I want to understand. Because I wanna help you. Help you drop that pattern and heal completely. Heal to start fresh!

Don’t think I dont understand your feelings for these men. Dont think I’m dismissing your feelings. Nope! Never! Like I always say we need to acknowledge our feelings and take them from what they are. JUST FEELINGS! Its what you do with them that is the problem. Acting on them is the problem!

Trust me I understand that feeling of being in awe with a man who got his shit together, a sleek tongue and everything to make you fall for him. The butterflies in your stomach, the thirst for his touch and his lips. We are women, we understand all that. We all have met a guy who drove us crazy but had to let go of him because of our own good. And Thats where I need you to get.

I need you to get to doing whats good for you. I need you to be happy in a relationship. I need you to have what you want. You said you want a boyfriend and a stable relationship. Thus these men are not for you! I repeat they are not for you! Not now, not yesterday, never!

How are you going to be in a stable relationship with a men who is already in stable relationship with his wife/girlfriend? Some dude to whom you’re nothing but a distraction? Thinking you can change a penetrationship into a relationship?

And why do you get mad when they prioritize their wife/girlfriend over you? How baby girl? How do you call them disrespectful because of that- when You accepted to be disrespected? When you are disrespecting both yourself and this person’s relationship?

Guys dont live their significant other for another woman if they are already tapping that! Why would they go through the inconvenience of a breakup for your personnal convenience? They have no reason! Absolutely none!

So when I see you all pissed saying you are disapointed in a man you got involved with despite knowing he was commited, it pisses me off to the core of my soul, because you signed up for it! And I’m homestly tired of it!

This is not the exemple we set for you, nope… we want you to find yourself and love yourself enough to know when thats enough! Because sooner or later you will believe you can only attract commited men and that will bring you down. Your self-esteem and self respect will slowly fade away and it will be hard to come back…

Trust me on this one baby girl, leave them men alone… set your mind straight, give it time and you’ll find your prince… believe me…

Just trust me and I’ll be right next to you when you decide to walk away from this life…

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