My city burned.

Yes, as simple as that my city burned over the weekend and is still burning! The population have been held hostage since friday 4:20 PM.

This blog entry is more for me to cool off than anything. Im having an axiety attack, my stomach hurts, my heart is racing and I’m scared AF!

I’ve been living through Haiti’s insecurity almost all my life, but THIS is the first time im scared like that.

Ever since friday, riots are all over the country vandalizing and burning everything: tires, cars, stores, even people. Why? Because they are tired of poverty and corruption, they are tired of social injustice and discrimination, they are tired of not beeing able to afford to live. Living in the country has become a luxury for a while now….

Despite the obvious poverty and frustration, the government raised the price of fuel of over 40% on friday. This was the last draw and people used that as an excuse to vandalize and express all their frustration.

However, civilians and private businesses are the victims, not the government and that’s the saddest part. People have been sleeping at their offices for 2 days, walking for over 5hours trough roadblocks and gunshots to get to a safe place. No Police in sight!

We have been sheltered for over 48 hours with scarce ressources. Markets are burned , banks and everything else are either vandalized or closed.

There was some sort of truce this morning, some people were able to get water and food from street vendors but most were not able to do so. No money. New Roadblocks. More burning tires, thieves and gunshots.

So here we are are, sheltered somewhere, with limited food and water, with little to no money, for God knows how long…

What will happen when we no longer have food and water? No change for bread from the street vendors? Those who have ATM cards wont be able to use them, those who have cash wont find anything to buy, and those who have nothing… well will get more frustrated! Because all is burned, we are on lockdown with absolutely no alternatives.

The rule of law have been non existant since friday, the poorest are threatening the less poor, the government has abandonned the population, our lives are on the line, but… NOTHING

We are on lockdown, fearfully expecting the worst. We’ve been surviving, now we’re suffocating…

Pics: Haitian Whatsap


  1. Oh no, this is terrible. I hope the government steps in and resolves the conflict. It’s disappointing that this isn’t even on the news in the United States – at least nowhere I can find. My thoughts and prayers are with you


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