Who’s there for you?

Who’s there for you when you need support?

I’m not talking about people cheering you up at a competition or when you’re accomplishing things. I’m talking about who’s there for you for the ugly?

When you are crying out of pain, struggling with depression, hurting because of a heartbreak, dying because of an illness… When you no longer have the mental strenght to support yourself, when you’re heart is so heavy you feel the pain in your chest,

Is there someone here for you? Or everybody around you is too busy to see you? Do they just assume you’ll be find, or simply think its just a phase? Maybe they are saying you make a big deal out of everything and simply dismiss your being?

Are you dissapointed in them? Are you so tired of asking for support you just shut down and shut up? Do you stay for hours in your car crying because you’re not comfortable crying in your own home? Do you just wish you were mute?

Who’s there for you? Your siblings? Parents? Best friend? Significant other? Or none of them?

See… one lesson i’ve learned throughout the years is that only you can show up for yourself. There are things you’re going through that only you can be there for you. No one else. People are not interested in your struggles. Even your most loved ones sometimes. Often they would take it personal.Thus, you just gotta suck it up and try to move forward.

That’s when self-care becomes super important and can take unusual forms. During this time self-care might be crying yourself to bed, turning off your phone and cut contact with the outside world. Basically anything that makes you feel better.

You just need to be there for you!


    1. Thank you! I’ve been inspired to write after having conversations with a few people who felt they were alone while being surrounded by so many ppl. Lack of Trust was the main reason why they are feeling as if no one is there for them

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  1. Tellement profond et vrai tu parles d une réalité que tout un chacun vit et parfois ne l admet pas. Merci de partager ce qu’on passe etre le ou la seule a vivre partant tout le monde est passé par là. Merci de nous rappeller que nous ne sommes pas seul tant que nous avons nous meme.


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