You create your own calm…

Life can be noisy at times. Well, it is most of the time. Recently, I’ve been looking for silence and quietness a lot and I realized how hard it is to find calm and silence. We dont like silence, and people can’t stand others in silence.

The music played by the world is not the most beautiful melody. Excessive talking, ringtones, aggressive music, cursing, bad news report, negative comments, car horns, motorcycles, TV, radio, social media, illnesses,rudeness,impatience,overthinking… all of these are noises that fill our everyday lives and we are slowly becoming strangers to silence.

We are always busy, looking for things to do, doing more than we can handle, taking care of non important things, doing everything and anything… when we are reading a book we are constantly checking our phones, when working on the computer we need music… some of us cannot function in complete silence without a background noise. Why?

Just right now as I’m writing this blog entry, two persons just interupted my flow with the same question :” why are you sitting alone in silence?

– I’m writing my thoughts down.

– Cool! While you’re writing let me tell you what we were planning for tomorrow…”

This constant noise prevent us from hearing others and most importantly it prevent us from hearing ourselves. We no longer take the time to listen to our body and mind when both of them speak to us. More frequently our body speak louder than our mind and we get sick. But our minds also speak to us and it affects our moods.

Often people are talking to us, but we are to busy thinking on what we are going to answer that we dont hear what they are saying and dont listen… It’s almost as if we were afraid of silence and terrified by what could come out of a few quiet minutes…

I believe silence and calm rejuvenate us. Only in silence we can seize our wholeness. Talking the time to listen to our body and our intuition allow us to understand ourselves and find answers we’ve been looking for elsewhere. We become more creative,sensitive and more aware!

Silence and calm also decrease stress. Thus, it contributes to our overall well being by preventing all illnesses related to stress. Basically all illnesses really! So why dont we practice silence and calmness?

Lets ask ourselves :

– When is the last time I took time to remain silent and calm?

– why do I always need unecessary noise around me?

– what am I afraid to face about myself?

5 minutes of silence can make such a big change! I encourage everybody to try to take 5 mns of silence when they feel overwhelmed, they will not regret it!

N.B: off course I’m not saying to live a completely silent life! But couple of minutes of silence can only be beneficial!

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