Intentional living

As I’m peacefully waiting for 2019 to begin, in the company of loved ones, I’m also consciously reviewing my 2018.

2018 was a rough year, by far the worst I could think off. However, it taught me a whole lot about life and mostly about myself. I went into the year with many goals and I achieved most of them. However, my attitude towards some things got me thinking I might be blocking some blessings from getting to me. I played with my mind a lot and consciously made the decision to shift my thoughts from negative to positive, from sad to happy, from judgemental to non judging,ect. And I slowly became aware of that power I have to control my mind.

Of course it did not always worked as sometimes emotions are overwhelming and Pride does get in the way. And because of that I spent a lot of time with myself. When i’ve been unable to align my thoughts and emotions, I retired to think about my feelings. And this teached me to let go. I let go of so many situations, things and people this year… and life is so much better.

I also fell in love with taking care of myself. See, I’ve always enjoyed pampering myself but there was never any rituals attached to it. 2018 was the beginning of my love story with selfcare. I discovered selfcare was not only about nails and hair, but mostly about my mind and soul…It all starts with your head and your heart.

Everything begins with an intention, and that’s why I want to be intentional in 2019. I don’t want to drift through life, I wanna live on purpose. Life is made of choices and I want to make the best ones for myself and my family. My attitude and decisions will determine the pattern of my life for the next 365 days. So I have to be mindful of my intentions if I wanna live my best life this year (and the rest of my life).

So in 2019 I want to:

  • Clean out all the energy-draining people and situation in my life.
  • Learn how to be Happy on my own
  • Spend time in nature to refuel
  • Stop self-doubting
  • Be more intimate with God
  • Trust my gut. Intuition never lies!
  • Take time for myself to be inspired and creative.
  • Talk less and do more
  • Write more
  • Invest in myself
  • Have the hard but necessary conversations
  • Smile ( I’m a resting bitch face woman!)
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay true to myself and my values
  • Love more
  • Be the best dancer I can be
  • Be the best friend, daughter, cousin, sister and wife I can be.

… Simply be the BEST version of MYSELF I can be!

I also know It won’t happen overnight. But I’m willing to do what it takes, including accepting my failures and Re-routing. I’ll take it one day at a time, by expressing gratitude, doing my daily rituals, pausing when necessary, and Breathing. Yes Breathing! Breathing to rejuvenate, breathing to take in the new and the beautiful, breathing to relax, breathing to welcome the infinite possibilities offered to me.

Like Timothy said : I have to ” keep a close eye on all I do and think. Stay true to what is right and God will bless me and use me to help others”.

And that’s all I want.

Peace, Serenity and love are my wishes for you and for me for 2019.

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