Letter to my husband

I love you and I mean everything I am about to say.

I want to try to continue this life journey with you. But I’m not sure that I can. I feel like you aren’t consistent with execution. So many ideas and plans that have been left unfulfilled, put on standby….Over the years, I have heard many promises that I now realize were meant to disarm my frustration and keep me at bay. I didnt know then, but I now welcome and know my worth and want more.

It’s not about money, it’s about drive…I want a dream, our dream, any dream. We had plans remember? To be a family; to build a household with strong values; to be the best spouse to each other; to support each other in our careers; in our personal growth…?

I am putting you on notice with all the love I have left. Please fullfil your promises and be the man and partner I crave. The one you said you would be. I just can’t no longer beg for your love, attention and affection.

I have no other choice but to pick me and my needs for once. It pains me that I may be force to walk away from our relationship and our history. I have waited for you to choose me over work, friends, business, and your pride. But I’m tired. Now I choose me.

I genuinely have no more understanding, patience or time to give this relationship. I can’t continue to be a good woman to a man who can’t really see me, let alone truly appreciate and value me. I don’t have this energy anymore. I deserve more. I want more. I’m worth more.

I am being candid. We’ve built a life that makes me feel alone. I used to feel guilty that I put too many demands on you. I felt that I wanted too much. I realize now, I set my threshold of expectations low. I was willing to minimize myself and my needs to be the best wife I thought I was supposed to be. In exchange, all I required was your presence and occasionally some minimum attention. But that’s not how it’s done.

To be fair,when I would become frustrated, you were the best “you” for a moment, until I get out of that frustration and you decide you gave me enough of “You”for this situation. See… it shouldn’t be a problem for you to do and be what I need …. consistently. Help me stop looking to the possibility of a life without an you. I do this too often…

Do you think its possible to do your part with love and without resentment? Without measuring the amount of love and attention you’re giving me? I’m all too familiar with that. And I’m fed up. Present to me what your plans are for us. If you still see ” US” . With a comprehensive and complete timeline and a schedule. I need to know where I stand. Where our marriage stand.

This is my last time. I PROMISE I will NOT ask again. This is it. I look forward to being impressed because I have faith. Don’t let me loose all faith in you.

with love,

Your Wife.

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