Spirituality vs Religion?

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. I am not judging nor blaming anyone. I’m not looking for arguments, so lets agree to disagree. Or just don’t read. Thx!

One subject I actually hate talking about is Religion! I hate it with a passion because 1) I always feel people always want their religion to be the best one and bash other religions. 2) Religion is responsible of too many division amongst human. And honestly, I’m not here for it!

But one thing that caught my attention lately is that many people want to become more spiritual and are embarking on a spirituality journey… and that I’m here for!

While most people I talked to define spirituality as :

– the connection with the higher self and the divine inside us, their definitions of religion are quite divided.

Some define religion as :

– an outlet to spirituality; a connection with God, or a set of Dogma established to pull humans away from the truth.

I consider myself both spiritual and religious, but I’m definitely more spiritual. While I certainly don’t agree with everything preached by my church, I am 100% with its essence that is love. And that is what guides me in my daily life. Love to me is at the base of all of our actions. It all starts with the love we have inside of us. And that love comes from an higher power that creates us and everything around us.

Calling this higher power “GOD, UNIVERSE, LIGHT” is absolutely no problem to me, as it refers to that same Higher Creative Power. But one thing I do not agree with its for this Power to be the source of division among loving human beings full of life and light. Religions have been doing exactly that for centuries, using this “higher power” to justify selfish precepts and behaviors. Each and every Religion is preaching they are the best religion. Why? I have no idea.

The vehicle someone uses to connect with this “Higher Power”, should not matter. To me it doesnt at least. Lets take Christianity for example. At the base we know CHRIST IS LOVE. Catholics, Protestants, Baptist, Methodist, ect all are teaching the love of Christ. Yet, these religions are opposed on many points, hate each other, and even forbid their adepts to develop friendships with adepts of other religions. Where is the love? Kot lanmou a la menm?

I do not want to call myself an OMNIST, but I agree with the OMNISTS who believe that there is a part of truth in every religion. I believe positive can be found in every religion and religions can even learn from each other. Just thinking about my own spiritual experience: I believe in CHRIST; I learned to meditate with BUDDHIST methods; reading about TAOISM teached me to go with the flow and allow things to simply be without fighting them; I try to emulate the acceptance of others I see in VODOU; and I aspire to be as diciplined as MUSLIMS in my prayers. I’m sure I can find more exemple but these are the ones that popped immediately in my mind.

Here is another simple exemple of a shared truth among religions:

I am against religion discrimination, I will simply not do it. Like I said for me its about LOVE and thats when spirituality comes in the picture. That connection with the higher self, That GOD that lives inside of us, that UNIVERSE that creates the life in us, or that LIGHT that show us the way. Wether we consider God, the Universe, or the light to be inside us or surrounding us, its that same force that keeps us going, makes us believe in our own power and trust our intuition.

Spirituality is that connection between our beliefs and well being. That outlet that awakens us to life, to our personnal truth, our purpose, to finally have a positive effect on our health and allow us to love ourselves and others more.Its like a closed circle. Its starts with the heart and finishes with the heart.

So to all those fighting about their religion, it’s not worth it. You have what it takes within you to know the truth. And your truth does not have to be my truth. Once our actions come from pure love we should be on the good path on our spiritual journey! Im not talking about the love ppl use to do fucked up things! Im talking about the love stripped of all judgments and radical beliefs! It might seem impossible but Im sure its attainable! Keep going on your spiritual journey!

Love, blessings and Light!


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