Lets talk about Sex!

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion! You don’t have to agree with it! I know it might not be compatible with your beliefs and that’s ok! This is an ongoing convo and each one of us have our own reality! So like i love to say! Lets agree to disagree! And if you’re open enough then we could share our opinions with each other without forcing it on the other!


A simple 3 letters word that creates so much controversy when it comes out of a woman’s mouth!

What is it that is not “Lady like” when a woman talks about sex? I still can’t understand people (men and women) who get in their feelings when a woman talks about sexuality. Many people believe sexuality should be a taboo subject for women. Tchuips!

I heard a 50+ men say once: ” A respectable young woman can’t be talking about sex in public! Even worse about her own sexuality!”. Well, we can always excuse this Old men’s belief by is age and the decade he grew up in, but when his 28 years old son approves and adds ” Most woman who are comfortable talking about sex in public are wh*res”, we’ve got a problem!

What is a wh*re to begin with? If you google it you’ll see that a wh*re is defined as “a prostitute, a promiscuous woman”. Promiscuous means fast, Immoral. But what makes someone Immoral? Does everyone share the same morals? So if I understand correctly just because a woman talks about sex makes her Immoral, and just because she might have had multiple sex partners in her life makes her a bigger immoral! That does not sit well with me at all!

Women just like men are sexual being! If they were meant to have a sexless life, they would not have sexual organs! The same way men get exited and aroused is the same for women! We women have sex drives, sexual triggers and sexual desires, and we have the right to fulfill them. NO one can police a woman about her sex life.

Now, Im not promoting irresponsible and Unsafe sex. So don’t come for me! SELF-RESPECT and RESPECT of people’s relationship come first!

What am saying is:

– A woman can multidate. Yes, she can be talking to multiple man in a “Romantic” way, as long as she is honest with all of them about multidating. She needs to find out what she likes! And if she wants to have more than 1 sex partners thats on her. Not for us to judge even if we don’t agree!

– A woman’s worth and character is independant of the number of sexual partners she had in her life. She should not be shamed for it. We might not agree with it, but that is none of our business.

– A woman’s value is independant of her sexual orientation.

– A woman can have a higher sex drive than a man. I repeat A WOMAN can have a HIGHER SEX DRIVE than a MAN.

– Just like Men, Women are designed to want sex.

– Women don’t share the same views on sexuality.

– A woman should be free to talk about sex with her partner and her friends.

– A woman can be sexually active without being in a relationship. Friends with benefits do exist and thats a fact!

– It’s Ok for women to lust!

– A woman can love having sex!

– We need to stop dictating/ policing women sexuality when we allow men’s sexuality to run free.

(There are a lot more to add but this is just to start the conversation about women’s sexuality)

Yes, many of us Women AND Men were raised with an unhealthy and repressive view of sex, but our human experience only is enough to refute most of these stereotypes! And A simple google search can take care of the rest!

Off course we are not going to go tic for tac with men to prove who is the wh*re! Because unfortunately we live in an unfair society. However we can still stand up for ourselves and break these stereotypes one by one.

Believe it or not some men are intimidated by a women who owns and assume her sexuality. And because of that some of us women refrain ourselves from sexual activities because we don’t want to loose a chance with a “good men!”

Ladies please Stop! Please stop allowing men to use your sexuality to justify their fragile masculinity! JUST DON’T! And yes It’s OK to talk about and have YOUR opinion on SEX just like you should about all aspects of your life.

Anpil Lanmou pou nou!



  1. I agree with this article. It’s a right to drive your sexuality as you wish wether you’re male or female🤷🏿‍♀️ . I just wanted to add that one should not neglect hygiene and protection though. Be free, and safe 😊

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  2. It’s just another way to put women in a cage.”sois belle et tais-toi “
    What is more saddening is when it’s done by other women. Reasons? they wish to be as free and comfortable or they feel threatened
    Yeah unfortunately that fear of being judged stops many women from living/expressing their sexuality as they would want for they wouldn’t want to lose « a good man » euhhh excusez-moi pardon!! Who’s the good man??The one who feels emasculated by a women who knows what she wants in bed (and life in general) and is not afraid to ask for it or talk about it? (Merci, on passe à l’appel suivant)
    Just like We eat ,drink and sleep , we have sex we talk about sex. Let’s not be afraid to do so let’s not be afraid of society

    My advice to them/us
    Be safe be honest be respectful but DO YOU BOOBOO!

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  3. Education on sex should start during teenage years. Many of us, especially living in Haiti don’t have the luxury to be properly educated. In the USA things are watered down. Paran al kache pou timoun yo pa nan sex boneu (sike). Me, I was given a book to read that had maybe 2 sentences on sex. Having a sex ed teacher who was open about certain things was probably the best thing that could have happened to me and my classmates. No it was not about explicite sex but it was about adulting and we were given advice on how to approach certain things and also learn about true love… I encourage everyone to do their own research… don’t limit your knowledge on the topic because you feel like it’s weird or taboo. Pitit google!! Read!! Watch video!! Experiment SAFELY with yourself and others so you know what you like, what feels good to you and do not let anyone shame you when it comes to your desires. I am a woman and yes I have Sex. NEXT…

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