Pregnant and freaking out!

Pregnancy to us came as a surprise for many reasons… although we’ve been talking and considering adding to our family, we did not expect it at this moment…

But again God’s timing, not ours…

So for the 20+ weeks i’ve been pregnant, I’ve been through a roller coster of thoughts, emotions and realizations! Yep tons of them.

What amazed me the most were the changes in my body and my thoughts! My mind has been going crazy! Literally freaking out for the most part!

From not believing I was pregnant and taking my 4th and 5th pregnancy test in a client’s bathroom (don’t judge me, unless you got surprised by a pregnancy!), to me freaking out when I felt baby pineapple move for the first time! There has been some pretty weird thoughts and emotions!

Let me share some of my freaking out moments:

– I’m pretty sure its a stomach bug like usual. Its a false positive!

– How can this Tiny thing i saw in the Ultrasound make me feel so bad?

– Can I eat that? It looks like its gonna make me sick!

– We have big heads in the family, what if the baby’s head get stuck?

– what if i miscarry?

– Why can’t men be the ones getting pregnant?

– I’m so small compared to my husband, what if the baby its too big for my belly and doesn’t have enough space.

– I guess I’m going to have some decent size boobs now! Thats going to be weird!

– OMG, something just dropped inside my belly!

– Oh lord its a real person inside me! Thats creepy!

– why are people excited about ultrasound? Its a skeleton! I’m scared!

I’ve had tons of these thoughts and many of them were followed by tears and a complete melt down!

As a first time mom, the fact I was freaking out so much freaked me out even more (if u understand what I mean). But usually after i talk to my friends who have kids and my pregnancy buddies, I realize all this is normal and ok! Most of it is hormonal!

So my advice to some of my friend who just started in their pregnancy journey (i have a couple of them) , dont allow anybody to shame you for freaking out. If you feel it’s out of control discuss with your doctor. Get yourself one or a couple pregnancy buddies. I believe they are essential for this journey, at least for me.

People experience pregnancy differently, so not 2 pregnancies are the same. Do your research, google and IG are great ressources, you just need to be moderate in your searches cuz you know sometimes a simple google search could diagnose you with a deadly illness and give you 24 hrs left to live. Lol!

But really my main advice for the panicking moment is to find someone to talk to. Having a strong support system has made this journey smooth for me up to now. (Of course they can’t do nothing about morning sickness but you know!)

So find your pregnancy tribe and enjoy the journey! It’s gonna feel long, but you only get 40 weeks alone with your baby without sharing him with the world. Be selfish and make the best of it! Pregnancy is beautiful!

Anpil Lanmou pou nou!


  1. Allo Lely ! Merci de partager un glimpse de ton pregnancy journey avec nous. Je dis bien glimpse parce que je suis persuadée que tu vis beaucoup plus de choses que ça haha j’ai ris et j’ai ressenti beaucoup d’émotions en lisant ton texte. Wow ce n’est pas évident ein mais, PREGNANCY IS BEAUTIFUL !

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    1. Allo Vale! Merci de ton commentaire. Définitivement je vis bcp plus que ca. Ce sont des moments qui me font rire maintenant qu’ils sont passés!


  2. I remember laughing so much the first time I read that post. Unfortunately, my comment didnt register due to a technical glitch. I can relate to so so so much of what you said…. Ultrasound made me think “omg i have a worm growing in me”🤣. It was not that “aaaaaaawwww” moment we were taught to believe it would be. But with time, it became more and more real… Amazing ride. Crazy, scary, but amazing.


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