Pregnancy: glamorous or blahh?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen all these beautiful pregnancy pictures on IG! Or I must say these perfect pregnancy pictures! Women with the perfect flower crowns, perfect bumps , perfect outfit, perfect makeup, perfect pose, perfectly clean house, nails and hair on fleek, perfect everything, who are on their way to conquer the world!

Well, as an 8 months pregnant woman i can tell you that for most of us pregnant woman this is a Lie!!! Well lie might be too strong of a word, but you get the idea. Pregnancy is far from being glamorous, for 2/3 of the time at least!

For pregnant women to get these perfect pictures, a lot of prayers, planning and compromise come into action. I am not saying that you can’t take beautiful pictures when pregnant. I have a couple of those. What I’m saying is pregnancy is RAW!

Yes,You heard me right! It’s RAW! And when you add COVID-19 to the mix, its worst. 5/7 days im in oversized outfits or pyjamas dealing with nausea (came back for the last semesterπŸ™„), hot flashes, total body discomfort, with my hair undone, looking like a hot mess!

While I was able to take my pictures with no problems and was super comfortable and confident in my body, many of my pregnant buddies did not have it like that. Some simply choose not to take pictures or took them while feeling super uncomfortable in their bodies: swollen faces and feet, feeling huge, feeling sick, overload of acne, tons of stretch marks, with no energy and in their own words “feeling ugly”!

Although I am not feeling ugly, I am feeling blahh. I have been feeling blahh for months. One day i have all the energy and the next I only want to lay down. While going to the office everyday helped with that feeling, working from home now is not helping.I have become a couch potato and I have no shame admitting it! I’m almost always out of it.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

All this is to tell my fellow pregnant women, and those that are planning on being pregnant DON’T STRESS IT! Don’t believe the Gram where most people post only flattering (sometimes unrealistic) pictures. You don’t always have to have it together, you don’t have to look like a model during your pregnancy pictures, you can be in ur natural element, you can document your pregnancy however you like. But please dont force yourself to follow any trend just because thats how u see its done online. You can have it your way.

Like I said before, Pregnancy is RAW! We are growing humans, there’s no need to add more pressure to that! Pregnancy is not a beauty contest! I am writing this sitting on the couch with boxers, a normal shirt who is now a crop top, and the same four braids I’ve been wearing for the entire week, and honestly I don’t care about what anyone thinks. That’s the Lely you’re getting today!

Anpil Lanmou pou nou!

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