My Body and I: Pregnancy

Those who know me, know I’ve always had a good relationship with my body. My weight and my height have never been a problem to me. I’m petite and my heaviest has been 103lbs at 27 YO, my regular weight being 97 for over 10 years.

Fact is, I have always been active. Been dancing since I was four, and done different sports at the same time. If there is one thing im picky about in my body it’s my belly. I’ve always have a flat belly, 4 packs and 6 when I worked my abs intensively. So when I got pregnant I was a bit worried about what would I look like with a belly.

I wanted to have a big belly right away because I thought the tiny bump looked awkward: looking like you gained weight in the wrong place or ate too much. To me it just did not look good and definitely did not appear it would fit my esthetic!

Little did I know that I would fall in love all over again with my body during pregnancy. Yep, I fell in love with all the stages, even the awkward Tiny bump!

Everyday for the past 9 months I took the time to love on my body. Monitoring my bump in front of the mirror, scrubbing my skin, moisturizing, ect… It was one of the many ways to prepare my body for my baby girl as she was growing. Kind of like when you deep clean your home for the new year or to welcome guests.

Moisturizing was the favorite part of my routine. Gently rubbing the raw shea butter on on my skin and feeling it melt under my hands was everything. I also found myself looking at my naked body a lot in the mirror. I was just in awe of the transformation within.

I also used this time to have conversations with myself and with my baby. How big will I get? Does she have enough room in there? Am I gentle enough? Does she feel my touch? Oh wow I look good!

My pregnancy body gave me so much confidence (not that I was lacking any) that even I was surprised. I gained 30 pounds but it was Just belly and I had absolutely no problems with it. I just wanted to be and feel beautiful most of the time.

Now that I’m looking back, I think this had to do a lot with my mindset. I was so Happy to be carrying this life after being diagnosed with PCOS that I made the decision to enjoy it to the fullest and keep the negativity away. And I actually did.

They say motherhood changes you, gives you another perspective on life and makes you stronger… I’m brand new at it but my pregnancy showed me there is some truth in that.

I guess my takeaway from this experience is that when you want something with your whole heart, you do what it takes to make it happen. When the desire is so strong obstacles become a stepping stool to achievement. I believe this can be applied to anybody pregnant or not, male or female.

To all of us, lets try to do more with our hearts. Lets block those negative thoughts and self-doubt to accomplish our dreams and live a little more. We have what it takes within us, we just gotta believe in ourselves a lil bit more!

Anpil Lanmou pou nou!



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